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We Secure Capital

for your Start-up

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Our Core Debt Advisory helps start-ups raise new debt lines between and during equity funding rounds.

Core Debt Advisory

Raise capital for your business without equity dilution

Our Supply Chain Solutions help businesses finance working capital keeping in mind not just the current requirements but also future scale of business.

Supply Chain Solutions

Release equity deployed in working capital requirements

Our Leasing Solutions allow start-ups to reduce upfront equity investment in depreciable assets and channelize the funds towards growth

Leasing Solutions

Increase the cash runway available to your business

Our CFO Services lay the foundation for a disciplined and scalable finance function that can keep pace with business growth and strategic objectives

CFO Services

Refine finance strategy and procedures to facilitate scaling growth

We invest our own capital in consumer and technology start-ups. We invest in pre-seed and seed stage start-ups with high growth and scale potential. 

Investment & Support

 Raise seed capital and access mentorship on how to launch and succeed in your business

Our Services

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We are a Firm for Founders

Mount Peak Capital is a specialist advisory firm centered on creating value for new-age enterprises and their founders through debt fundraising, strategic advisory, and investments.

Our raison d'être is to secure debt capital for new-age enterprises and help them succeed. We bring high energy and deep understanding to what is a fast-evolving debt ecosystem for start-ups. We aim to be the first port of call for founders in the debt space. 

Working with audacious founders and seeing their vision come to life inspires us. Having experienced it ourselves at Mount Peak, we understand that companies are built over time and provide a ‘steady hand on the tiller’ to founders at every stage of business. 

Our range of services enables founders / CXOs to remain focused on important aspects like scaling growth, hiring, product, and customers.

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We offer a tailored approach

We provide workable solutions based on your unique circumstances & specific industry knowledge.

We are long term partners

We get in the trenches with Founders and their teams to support them through all phases of business.

We help you make great business calls

We collaborate closely with our clients to enhance the decision-making around financing and strategic objectives.

We have our ear to the ground

We have long standing relationships with key market participants enabling a deep understanding of market trends.

We are nimble 

We assemble an experienced team on each transaction to deliver results swiftly & effectively. We are your A-Team.

Equity + Debt

We believe startups should deploy equity for technology, people, and business development and use debt for everything else. 

Our Approach


Our team has combined experience of over two decades in the market.

Our team has diverse industry experience and comes with a track record of success in Debt syndication, PE and M&A transactions.​ We assemble an experienced team on each transaction to deliver results swiftly & effectively.

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Debt funding and counting

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Case Studies

What our clients say

Gaurav Pushkar

Co-founder, DAMENSCH

I feel confident in recommending Mount Peak Capital's services. They are not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss our concerns and respond to questions. MPC has been working with us as a financial advisor. Their knowledge, attention to detail, understanding of requirement and negotiation skills have aided in closing the required financial deal and hence enhancing our working capital position.

Kiran Subramanyam

Director Growth, ARZOOO

​Mount Peak Capital is a thought leader in startup debt solutions. Mount Peak is our hands-on and reliable partner as we continue to grow our business. We have found Mount Peak's ability to quickly generate interest from different banks/ NBFCs for our working capital requirements to be invaluable. I would very much recommend Mount Peak to other startup founders looking to customised debt solutions and diversify their sources of capital.

​Sanjay Bhatia


​Mount Peak Capital (MPC) offers a solid understanding of debt fundraising for start-ups. We first initiated our partnership with MPC after recognising some gaps in our capital structure. MPC has excelled and has proved to be a reliable resource for our debt fundraising needs. They also helped us with CFO advisory services. I would recommend using MPC as a place for quality debt funding solutions across many debt financial institutions.

​Tarun Soni


​Mount Peak Capital (MPC) has been associated with BIZONGO for over a year. Harsh and Ravi both have been very passionate about recommending possible solutions per our business needs. Their expertise with start-ups played a crucial role in structuring & ultimately concluding deals with the right financial institutions for BIZONGO. I would highly recommend ​Mount Peak Capital for any startup structured debt requirements.

​​Pushkar Singh


​​Mount Peak Capital (MPC) has been associated with us as a financial advisor. I've enjoyed working with MPC as they advised us on the best possible outcomes in the debt funding transactions and have also helped get in-roads in a couple of clients from a business perspective. They enjoy good relationships with several financial institutions. We highly recommend Mount Peak Capital for any startup debt requirements. 

​Vaibhav Anant

​Founder, BAMBREW

​Mount Peak Capital (MPC) laid emphasis on the best possible pricing, flexible use-case scenarios and competitive security structure while closing the transaction. Their team's expertise with startups and relationships across different financial institutions played a crucial role in concluding the deal with the right financial institution for Bambrew. I would recommend them to facilitate any structured non-dilutive debt requirements of startups.

Ashok George

​Co-Founder & CEO, AnKa SumMor Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Persistence & Relevance is what comes to mind for Mount Peak Capital. The team understood our business requirements through a series of sessions, quickly found the right debt partner and terms for us, and importantly were part of the entire process till the funds were disbursed. The team’s experience and personal involvement clearly stands out. Mount Peak is the right business partner for start-ups and positively recommend them.

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