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Since 2018, Mount Peak Capital has been helping startups create shareholder value through our debt fundraising and other services. We have been the first port of call for our clients’ startup debt requirements. We believe in the transformational power of startups and are committed to expand their access to debt funding. Our services give startups the edge needed to forge ahead in their respective industries. 

We are on a mission to help elevate the fund raising experience for startups. The idea for Mount Peak Capital came from our experiences at investment banking where we raised funding for entrepreneurs fuelled by challenging work and passion. Eventually, the numbers of our clients would grow to over fifty. 

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Mount Peak Capital is working with some of India’s most innovative start-ups


Our Values

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Ravichandran V

Ravi has over 18 years of experience in investment banking, management consulting and financial services. He has extensive experience advising and mentoring new age enterprises. Before Mount Peak Capital, he worked with HSBC, American Express and PwC. In the recent past, he was part of the leadership team at a multi-family office and an Associate Director at PwC.

He is an MBA from the National University of Singapore

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Harsh Buchasia

Harsh has 12 years of experience in debt syndication, credit evaluation and investment banking. Hailing from a business background, he brings a deep understanding of the founder's mindset and important KPIs driving successful businesses. Before Mount Peak Capital, he was associated with organizations such as Arpwood Capital, Ashv Finance, PwC, and BDO India.

He is a Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary.

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Founding Team

We believe that leadership is not about impressive titles but about making a lasting difference for our clients. The founding team has experience of over three decades in equity and debt fundraising.

Our Reach

We have presence across all major startup hubs in the country and we have relationships with the whole gamut of lenders in the startup space

Domestic (Private, PSUs and Small Finance banks) and international Banks

Offer working capital facilities



Revenue based financing,
Private Credit Funds, 
Family Offices, Special Situation Funds.

Offer general purpose loans for deployment in various corporate uses.


NBFCs and new age Fintech firms.

Offer both on-book and off balance sheet structures for working capital and purchase of capital assets.


Domestic venture debt firms.

Offer general-purpose term loans and working capital facilities.


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