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Embedded Hardware, Software  Development for Automotive & Industrial Applications

Intelligent Desktop, Mobile, Web applications and Cloud Solutions

Data Acquisition, Data Analytics. Data Mining, Anomaly Detection & Clustering


Embedded Design & Development

  • Electric Vehicles: In-Vehicle Network & Electrical Architecture Design, CAN Matrix Development, Vehicle diagnostics & Service applications, Telematics, Vehicle Data logging & Analytics

  • ECU HW/SW Development & Verification: Instrument Cluster, BCM, Telematics

  • In-Vehicle network & Diagnostics Software Stacks:  CAN Stack, UDS Stack, J1939 Stack

  • Bootloader & Reprogramming

  • Hardware Design Services: Product Hardware requirement development & Consulting, Hardware Circuit & Schematics Design, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout & Fabrication, Hardware Testing, Reengineering & Hardware cost reduction analysis

  • Platform migration, OS porting, Feature enhancement & product re-engineering

  • End of Line Communication Interfaces Development

  • End of Line Testers Development

  • Vehicle/machine Data Loggers Development

AUTOMOTIVE Embedded Engineering Services

IoT End to End Solution Services

  • Turnkey End to End solutions for customer IoT requirements

  • Architecture for Embedded (Data Acquisition & Sensor Integration), Cloud connection and Application

IoT Embedded Hardware Design Services

  • IoT Gateways Development

  • Wired or Wireless DAQs

  • Sensor Node/s or Cluster & Connection Topology Development


IoT Application Development Services

  • Cloud Connection (MQTT, HTTP)

  • Mobile/Desktop/HMI APP Development

IoT Engineering Services

APP Development

Desktop APP Development Services

  • We have experience in creating boxed and licensed solutions for various platforms in our portfolio. We have in-house capabilities including analysts, architects, UX/UI specialists, engineers and QA.

  • Technologies: .NET, C#, ASP.NET, WPF, JavaScript

Applications Developed by our Team:

  • Vehicle Tester APP

  • ECU Reprogramming APP

  • EOL Product Testing and Production support APP

  • Remote Connected Device Monitoring APP

Web APP Development Services

  • We develop Web APPs focussed for Remote diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance.

  • Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, PHP, Python, Perl

Applications Developed by our Team:

  • Vehicle Remote Diagnostics APP

  • HD Truck Fuel Efficiency Monitoring APP

  • Vehicle Diagnostic and Service APP

  • Vehicle Data Logger

  • Industrial Asset Tracking APP

  • Industrial Device Configuration APP

Mobile APP Development Services

  • We offer full-cycle mobile application development services tailored to your business needs. From ideation to deployment, management, support, and maintenance, we support all the needs.

  • Technologies:  iOS, Android, Python, Java, R Programming


Applications Developed by our Team:

  • Remote Pump Monitoring APP

  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics APP

  • Dealer Configuration APP for connected Devices

AI/ML Engineering 

At IntelliPredikt, we are working closely with Automotive/Industrial OEMs and Tier1/2s and developing AI/ML based solutions for next gen connected devices. 

We are specialised in:

  • Data Collection for Digital Twin Model validation, VHM, ADAS / AD

  • Edge Computing with Data Analytics services

  • Cloud Computing with Data Analytics Services 

  • Custom PHM to Cloud Migration

  • Data Analytics and ML Services: Digital Twin, Virtual Sensor (Physics/Data Driven), Sensor Fusion, Self supervised learning for auto labelling of images.

  • New R&D Technology concept proving projects

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